Professional English Tuition

If you want to learn or improve your English, you should always use a fully qualified teacher; just because someone is a native speaker doesn't mean they know how the language really works or how to teach it efficiently.

I am a Diploma level qualified teacher with many years experience and use proven, contemporary teaching methods. Based near Ferreira de Panton in Galicia and I can provide lessons in the surrounding area from Ourense to Monforte de Lemos, as well as lessons over the internet using Skype. A 300Mbs satellite connection ensures a high quality experience.

Get in touch by emailing tim at elprofesoringles dot com

  • BA Honours Degree, Liverpool University
  • RSA Cambridge Certificate, Leeds University
  • RSA Cambridge Diploma, IH Barcelona

I have taught English at a number of universities and academies including:

  • International House, Bilbao
  • British Council, Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong University, Hong Kong
  • British Council, Barcelona
  • Edith Cowan University, Perth
  • London School of Economics, London
  • Australian School of English, Sydney
  • Charles Darwin University, Darwin
Teaching influences and approaches

I have been highly influenced by practitioners such as Thornbury, having studied the Diploma under his tuition and often use methods which promote "noticing" such as reformulation and reconstruction. This tallies with my interest in the development of critical thinking skills, especially the use of the tools developed by Edward de Bono such as Lateral Thinking and Six Thinking Hats.

I combine a communicative approach with a measure of Task Based Learning (as promoted by Willis et al) and believe lessons should be relevant to the student: indeed I believe that the most valuable resource a teacher has in their classroom is their students.  I take an interest in a student's personality and interests, assess their "learner type" and style, and plan sessions appropriately. I also have the experience to know when a session should flow and develop naturally according to an individual or groups' needs or direction.

My aim is never to "pour knowledge" but to develop an individual's learning skills and enable them to become a better independent learner. Whenever possible I avoid a "chalk and talk" approach.

Helping you learn

A new student recently asked me if I could describe my teaching methods and it is a good question, so I'll have a go.

I try to encourage and guide my students to become better learners and I do this by asking "what do you notice?", "what do you notice about this word?", "what do you notice about this structure?", "what do you notice about this sentence?".

Lost in Translation

Translation is fraught with dangers. Most English teachers in Spain are highly reliant upon translation in the classroom; often classes are a Spanish learning opportunity. There is a significant advantage to not using translation at all in the classroom and once you move to Asia and the Acia-Pacific region translation is not an option since most classes are multi-lingual. Avoiding translation increases the students exposure to specific chunks of language and improves the teacher and the students' communicative strategies.

It also avoids pitfalls you may never anticipate.

Ten tips to choose a good English academy

Rather than utilise one of the learning options available at el professor ingles you may prefer to enrol at a private academy and be part of a class. In Spain there are a lot of private academies and like all markets, the products and services on offer vary significantly. Enrolling on a course is an investment in time and money and like all investments, choose wisely.

So, how do you choose?

Here are some things you should consider and questions you should ask before enrolling.