Writing Course

As a highly experienced teacher of English writing skills I offer a specific course focusing on how successful written English is composed.

Who is it for?

Advanced learners who want to improve their written English in either professional or academic environments including exam preparation.

How is the course delivered
  • The course is delivered using a variety of online methods:
  • One-to-one sessions via Skype
  • Video “lectures” on YouTube
  • Tasks that are downloaded, completed in your own time and returned for feedback.
  • Feedback via email.
What does it comprise?

This course has five modules, as described below.


Before beginning the course we ask you to provide an electronic version of a recent piece of your writing. This is used to analyse your current competency and the features of your writing that require improvement.

We then begin an analysis of authentic texts in your area of work or study; to improve your writing you need to read good examples of writing. We see how texts are structured and how the language used makes the text coherent and cohesive.

Module outcome

The student will be able to recognise some of the features of a successful piece of writing.


Following the analysis of texts we look in more depth at the structure of texts and paragraphs. Discover how paragraphs are constructed in English, identify the purpose of sentences within paragraphs and practice writing these sentences.

Module outcome

The student will have a clearer understanding of the structure of paragraphs and the purpose of sentences within paragraphs and be better able to write a well-structured paragraph.


Building upon the analysis of texts and their structure we look in more detail at the language used in the authentic texts from the first module. We identify the specific ways texts achieve a clear meaning (coherence) and how clauses and sentences are linked (cohesion) using methods native-speaking writers use rather than phrases (eg on the other hand, never-the-less), which tend to be misused or over-used. 

Module outcome

The student will be able to identify the ways a good writer uses grammar and vocabulary to create coherent and cohesive texts.


Often overlooked and rarely taught in detail, punctuation is a vital part of writing clearly and precisely. In this module the student is presented with a range of example sentences demonstrating how meaning can be compromised by poor punctuation. A concise set of punctuation rules are provided for the student to use as a reference when writing.

Module outcome

The student will have an appreciation for the importance of using accurate punctuation and will better able to punctuate their writing more accurately.


The student is given a written task to complete after the structure, language and punctuation modules.

The tasks are based on the student’s area of work or study eg an essay title, a report 

Module outcome

The student will produce three pieces of written work.

How long does it take?

The course is completely flexible in terms of delivery but must be completed within three months.

How much does it cost?
  • Business rate $199.00Eu
  • Student rate $129.00Eu